Body Positive Documentary

MAPENZI “A dancer’s love affair with Dance, Body, and the Arts”!¬†This documentary will show how ones size should not determine ones love for their art. Our goal is to inspire a more conscious awareness around positive body acceptance in the art industry, as well as encouraging the youth to follow their dream regardless of their body size, type or gender. Allow your talent to speak volumes!

Life Matters

iNDiGO SKiN (In Fear of Black Fruit) depicts the Struggle, Healing, and Acceptance of Black and Brown people surviving while in a racist society. Although, it is up to all people to explore pathways towards unity on Earth. How do people of color guide each other towards finding the paths of self-determination? When does the struggle end, and what can be done to STOP the mass production of BLACK FRUIT? Therefore, what would YOU do if YOU saw a Black Fruit?!!!!

S.A.S.A. Fusion Class Demo

Afro Fusion movement class entitled (S.A.S.A) ~ Smooth. Active. Strengthening. African. movements. S.A.S.A Fusion blends Contemporary, Hip hop, African, Kuduro, Reggaeton, House and Freestyle movements together. This class is designed to actively work your body towards a healthier you. Classes are taught to all levels.  Join in the fun and allow the rhythm to move you!

Bahiya Movement Carnaval Explosion 2015

Description coming soon…